Thinking long term……..

I had an email from my top recruiter….. actually, I think she may just a little ahead of me now, I need to get ahead of her again :) …. anyway, we chat most weeks by email and she keeps suggesting a few things.

I actually agree with her, but as always, application is hard to judge, but here is what she says and what I also say.

1 – this venture, in fact ALL ventures, require a long term view. Long term does not mean a few months either. It means commiting for one year to get the foundations set.
She suggested some people who have been working hard for years that now earn a lot of money per year from their sites. And they deserve the money they have earned too.
I always think of sites like TrafficHoopla. Here is a guy who knew that to build a business you first need to grow the traffic. Especially in traffic exchanges. So he built TrafficHoopla with the intention of promoting that site for the sole purpose of building his downlines and earning referral credits BEFORE he started to promote the venture he actually wanted to earn from.

It ended up taking him two years of hard work before he was happy with the levels of free traffic he was earning to promote his money making venture. Incredibly the traffic generating site ended up being his money maker site…. but the real lesson here is he spend two years just focusing on building his traffic generating downlines.

Another person, a good friend of mine actually, Mike Cobb who owns set up that site with the same idea but his focus was to also build his downline in GDI.
He spent 18 months just building his traffic exchange downlines.
His GDI focus did not work as planned but he did grow a massive series of downlines that generated a lot of free traffic for him.
He now earns his money promoting online marketing material and has been doing that for over five years now.
The cool thing is he also was instrumental in other full time money makers along the way.

PTC Business Builder is the same thing. Although the focus is not traffic exchanges the concept is the same.
We build our PTC downlines to earn more…. when we earn more we can promote more….. the more we promote the more we earn the more we promote….. PLUS we build the downlines in multiple money making sites along the way.

It is the same concept….. the first year, whether it is me or you…. is to build the downlines in yout PTC sites and to pour as much money as you can into promoting your link to speed the process up.

This will take one year to gain a good active PTC downline.
It will take over one year to to join the money maker sites.

And here is the the thing… it will take two years to get the big earnings from this venture.
It seems slow and painful, there will be ups and downs (look at last month when the site did not work for a while and then the database lost people… how terrible is that but it happens and I personally took a very deep breath to see how much damage it had done… but I did not stop or give up, I continued to promote and build the trust up again)…. but that is the nature of business evreywhere.

So… what is the point I am making?
Bluntly it is this.
Prepare for this to take time….. and if this is not for you…. then prepare for the same thing regardless of which site you end up promoting.
Also, do not think that finding 20 downline members will do the job….. 20 downline members will find one semi active person.
100 members should get you one good person.
But in all honestly, to find and befriend and create a team that will work hard and create the fantastic incomes we all want it will take about 1000 downline members.

Have I scared you or motivated you?
This is why I have said multiple times through the members area that this will take hard work, persistence and time to do.
But should you do this….. click the PTC sites most days to earn the $12 a month as a free member, use the earnings to join the money makers and the rest is used to promote your link….. do that and in two years you will have the full time income from this… you will only need to work one hour a day… tops… and your earnings will keep growing and growing so long as you promote and promote.

We are in business here, and it takes time to build a business.

Membership Update
Total Members – 2014
Total Members who have recruited – 82
Total members who have recruited more than 30 people – 12
Total members who have recruited over 100 people – 6

Look at those numbers…. to make the big income you will need at least 3 persistent people working with you…. I have 6 and considering there are 2000 members in this site…. all of which came from a start in PTC sites using about $40 in the first month…. it really gets hard to argue that I haven’t done enough to get to where I want to be….. and that at least 6 people are right behind me.

Regardless of how many people you have recruited (or not recruited) you are able to do this venture successfully as well.
It starts with checking your downline builder is filled in correctly…. then you click the PTCs for money… then join the first money maker… then promote, promote and promote every month using as much money as you can.

Remember TrafficHoopla and Home-Income-Team and the time those people put into their fantastic online earnings then ask yourself what you want and how hard you are prepared to work to get there?

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Making This Venture More Enticing

After a predictably slow month since the set back, I am gald to see the growth is getting back to better levels again. Not quite where we were at previously, but the set back was just that….. certainly not the death.

Anyway, I always knew there would be challenges to overcome, no venture gets through without them.

So, now I have been working this for abuot five months, with the membership about to pass 2000 members, and with feedback from people, there was always going to be some room for improvement in how things are done here.

Currently the set up is to focus on growing the PTC earnings first then build the affiliate downlines second a few months later.

Which, in theory is the rigth way to do it….. but people being people, a system needs to encourage from day one.
In light of this, I have been working with a good friend of mine to have a site that costs a small amount (in this case $4 per month) and gives a good return per sign up ($3 per month) yet also encourages us to not just promote, but to get your recruits to promote as well.

What is going to happen is when the final touches are finished within the next week, I will introduce this new addition to the downline builder starting with the people who have recruited the most people.
I will pay special attention to the great recruiters first to ensure they capture their downlines correctly.
Once that is done, I will introduce the new site is steps. Every day will show more people, so please read the emails coming from me over the coming two weeks.

When you see the email saying it is your turn to check the new site out, go there quickly, check it out then join up to it.

The idea here is to encourage you to join a paying site that gives great returns so you get into a good profit fast so you can then promote your affilaite link more in PTC sites.

I believe this new addition will make PTC Business Builder a better venture for people to get involved with for the short term, which makes it a better option for the long term as well.

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One Step Back… Two Steps Forward

The growth rate this past week has been rather slow, only 10 new people per day, but this is to be expected due to the issues of the previous week.

Anyway, today, with some promotion effort on my part and with the increased efforts from others, the growth rate has started to increase again.

Something I am noticing though is the hits per member has increased, and this is not good news. It is a little hard to figure out the reason, although considering the rate of return has been sitting on abuot one sign up per 400 hits for just on six months, then suddenly it moves to 1 sign up per 700 hits, I suspect it is either someone doing a big traffic exchange promotion or an autosurf is being used.

Now, if someone is using an autosurf, please stop the promototion.
I ask this because autosurfs get extremely poor results, so poor I am still amazed they are still around.
I also ask because the autosurfs use a lot of bandwidth. And bandwidth costs money to buy. And since they get poor to zero results it seems a total waste of resourses
I also hate seeing my statistics ruined lol

ANYWAY….. remember to insert your downline id into the downline builder again or you will loose sign ups to the money makers and PTC sites in the downline builder.
And I mean EVERYONE, even people who have done it before, needs to input their id in again.

This venture is entering a bit of a phase where it appears nothing is happening.
It happens a lot in every build. You do heaps of work in the start, results come but not as fast as you want, then at around the six month phase many people give up just before the results start to increase a lot.
With 1800 members in five months, if I gave up now the results, although I am happy with them, would not give me a return.

You see, in the next six months the membership will not increase by another 1800.
In fact, I expect teh next 1800 members to be found within three months, to give a membership of about 3500.
Then in the three months after that I fully expect the membership to jump to 7000.
This will happen because the amount of people promoting increases almost daily now.

Now, to jump on the motivation bandwagon a little, if you are reading this within a month of this being written, think this over a little.

This site has multiple affiliate programs, my downlines are small and the expectations are they will begin to double every three months from now on… maybe even faster for a while.
IF you are not joining the affiliate sites listed, you are missing a chance to be on the ground level of a big team build.
You still need to do your part, but the spillover will assist your efforts somewhat.
I just though I should mention that fact.

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Almost back to normal again

What a horrible week.
Firstly I am sorry for the problems. It started with a fault we made when the script was installed. We ended up with a database that was done wrong and that was linked to The Online Edge.
We “fixed” it only to find we had ruined the downline builder script somehow.
Now we have fixed that.

Now… important….. to fix the downline builder script we had to rip it out and replace it. This means you need to repace you links into the downline builder.
Again… I am very sorry and extremely embarrassed about this.

Another down side is a few referrals were lost due to resorting to a backup.
If you lost downline members, let me know how many and I will work towards replacing them.

So….. that is about that. terror week over and time to push on and repair a little and build, build, build.

On a positive note, there will be a new money maker introduced and a little shuffle of the system… nothing big. Just moving things around because I think the process can be sped up based on the results I am getting and I think some people are holding back early and I want to encourage these people to get excited.

More on that in the coming weeks….. for now, please reenter your links.

Sorry and thank you for hanging in during this period.

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